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Friends Make All The Difference


This is the dynamic duo, Alfie and Whisper! The winners of my 2nd custom portrait giveaway over on my new community! I’m giving away one portrait every month! Come join the fun 

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7 comments on “Friends Make All The Difference

  1. BuffaloMAL

    Absolutely precious!!!

  2. Sherry Mangold

    This depiction of wonderful greyhound friends is so important now. On November 6, Floridians will vote on whether or not to close their 11 dog tracks. I hope the people of Florida are friends to the greyhounds and close the tracks. All dogs belong in loving homes, not risking their lives for their owners’ desire for money.

    • Whisper (the blue girl) is an ex racer and was in bad condition when she made it into rescue. Her skin and coat were bad and most of her teeth had to be removed (they are now all gone). As she won her last race I can only think she got injured and they didn’t want to spend any money on getting her well again.
      I hope the vote goes in favour of closing the tracks but also that all of the dogs make it to safety afterwards which is often not the case here.

  3. Fran Van Horn

    Will this become a purchasable print? (Please)

  4. I love your cartoon and the originals! simply perfect, as usual!

  5. Melody Kearns

    Love this! So cool to see the dogs used for inspiration! ❤️❤️❤️🐾

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