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That New Box of Tissue


This happens to me all the time – I can never get just ONE tissue, and Isabelle loves to shred any tissue that crosses her path!

Does this happen to you?  If not, please tell me your secret.

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11 comments on “That New Box of Tissue

  1. I avoid this by not using tissues. I wipe my nose on my shirt or blouse or the sleeve of my sweater. Gross? Yes, but my dogs simply look at me as though I have lost my mind. Then they return to business as usual.

  2. My tiny 4lb chihuahua, Joxer, knew where new and used tissues were as if he was psychic. We had to stop using the little trash cans because we would come home and find shredded tissues all over the house. After that, Everybody threw their tissues in the big covered kitchen trash can. As you can imagine, one afternoon I came home to a hugh trash mess in the kitchen. At first, I thought my Boston had dumped the trash can (she had never ever done such a thing before). On closer inspection, the trash was actually still all there except not one tissue! Joxer had managed to topple the almost full can (now I ask you, how, just how?) and shredded the tissues one by one all over the downstairs. Sigh, I miss that little thief.
    Amy, you have captured our fur babies glee.

  3. My Pittie Sugar has a nose for tissues like she does for old tennis balls in the park! She even breaks into my purse to steal my pocket pack of tissues and shreds with joy lol.

  4. Gabrielle D. Peak

    If I leave a box of Kleenex within reach of my Beagles, They pull them out & chew them just like the Pupster, Isabelle !

  5. Barbara Massar

    My Ellie does the same thing – loses her mind when a tissue falls to the floor, same with TP and paper towels!

  6. I’m new to your cartoons and web and i LOVE IT!!! everything is soooo cute!!

  7. AmongTrees

    That’s wonderful! 😉

  8. HowlingHeidi

    Yes, it’s so annoying and frustrating. You just bought and paid extra for a pretty tissue box you want to display. Not really to use. Just want a little delicate piece of tissue to stick out. Instead you get a whole clump of tissue that you need to shove back in the box. Then it just looks like a little kid was playing with it because the box got dented while trying to shove the tissue back in. Now I don’t even try to take a tissue out and I tell my husband not to use it…ever. 🙂

  9. Nancy Rosengren

    And though I like to keep a box of tissues in the car, I will forget it’s there. When my Rosie rides with me, she loves to take the box apart. I come back to tissues all over the car. 😜

  10. My pittie always goes for the box of tissue when she’s “making a point” LOL

  11. Cindy Petrashevich

    OMG Amy, YES! Every stinkin’ time. And then, of course, my dog eats them and pukes them up later.

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