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Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Make For Your Mom!

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Print, cut & assemble my designs and voila! You have 3 lovely gifts for mom!

The love between a mother and child is incomparable and Mother’s Day is a special day for many of us, so I’ve created a gift just for you to make for your mom! 

Don’t forget to get your 16oz Acrylic Tumbler and/or 20oz Stainless Steel Tumbler for this project! These two tumblers are the ones that work with my templates.

I’ve always loved crafting for as long as I can remember, from creating a little city out of tinfoil to macaroni villages to felt peas-in-a-pod ornaments! This Mother’s Day craft bundle I’ve created for you is much different—it is easy and useful—a greeting card, a 16oz and 20oz tumbler!

The tumblers are made well and are easy to clean—I own both of these tumblers. The best part is, you can change out the design as much as you want. Forget about swapping out expensive handbags, swap out your tumbler art!  

This original design that I’ve made especially for Mother’s Day 2023 will be one of many designs that I will make for you for these useful tumblers!  You can print out my artwork as much as you’d like for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  

Let’s get Started! 

Get my Mother’s Day Greeting Card, Coupon, and Tumbler designs here!

Get the Tumblers here (my designs are sized to fit these specific tumblers)


Here is a visual list of supplies you will need to make your Mother’s Day Greeting card. I suggest you use 65 lb cover stock because most home printers can handle this thickness. Some printers can handle 85 lb cover stock and up. Check your printer specs to make sure. If you print on white card stock the design will be vibrant! If you have a scoring bone, you can use this to score the card, if not just use a butter knife. Just be sure NOT to use the serrated edge or it will scratch the paper. Once you score the card use the end of the knife to press the folded card, giving it a nice, clean, flat fold! Here are some handy links to purchase the items if you don’t already have them:

I’ve added a few fun optional materials. For example, you can add a little glitter to the moon. Just dab the moon with a tiny bit of glue and sprinkle with glitter. You can also glue the design onto a colorful piece of scrap or craft paper (just cut, score, and fold a 7×10 piece of paper—your greeting card base). This is a good workaround if you do not have cover stock to print the card on. Also, be sure to print the illustration a little bit smaller (around 85%), so it will fit on your craft paper.

Happy Fur Baby Crafting! xoAmy

Please share your Red and Howling crafting adventures with me! (be sure to hashtag #iLoveRedandHowling or email me your photos to share on social)!

Sometimes I suggest products that I personally use and love and sometimes I share a link to the items you need for projects. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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2 comments on “Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Make For Your Mom!

  1. Tumbleweed

    This is so great! I did all three and it was fun and easy. I couldn’t wait until Mother’s Day to give to my mom (I get so excited and cannot wait to give gifts!) and she loves it all! Thank you Red and Howling! I hope you do more downloads like this!

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