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the Ball

This is one of my all time favorite dog toys. These cute pigs make the funniest noises when squeezed and I’ve never seen one dog not go bananas! They are made with non-toxic latex rubber:

If you want a traditional ball, these are made by Kong (awesome tennis balls that squeak!). Keep in mind these are size specific—you don’t want to get balls that are too small for your dog because they will be a serious choking hazard! Be sure to follow Kong’s sizing suggestions: (keep in mind, the outer fuzzy material can be rough on a dogs teeth and mouth, so consider swapping out with smooth rubber balls sometimes).

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2 comments on “the Ball

  1. Gabrielle Peak

    This is such an adorable depiction of canine fun and puppy manipulation……I love it!

  2. Kathy Bates

    So cute, Amy, and sooo true! 😂🐾 Love this! All best to you! 🥰


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