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I Can’t Do It




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12 comments on “I Can’t Do It

  1. Carol Edwards

    Always ❤️

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  3. Lisa De Jesus

    it is One of the best feelings in the world!

  4. Donna Powell my Bug xoxoxo

  5. Me neither. I have to touch my Red.

  6. Tassilo Hill

    Yes, that’s how it goes…I love them all and I have to touch them!

  7. Michelle

    That’s me for sure. I literally don’t feel good if I haven’t seen and touched my girls Hannah & Heidi every day. I definitely need them more than they need me. I wish they knew that or that I could tell them. They are definitely the reason I get up every day.

  8. laddieluv

    ..omg how true that is…

  9. AmongTrees

    That’s lovely.

  10. Gabrielle D. Peak

    This is the sweetest cartoon series of how our Pupsters relieve our silliest anxieties just by being present in our lives ! I never tire of saying how much happiness “Red & Howling” cartoons bring my way. Thank you from me & Boki, my Beagle Boy !

  11. Guilty! Well, I don’t feel guilty but I do this….

  12. So true, so true because I love U

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