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24 comments on “Vacation

  1. 😀 This was perfect!

  2. Sheri Ramirez

    Oh how very true…

  3. OMG!! I love it. Adorable. Made me smile. I would do the same. Went on two vacs without my dog and told my bfriend any other vacs, Romy (my crazy rat terrier) is coming along. The entire time while I was away I must have called the Vet where he was being boarded 100 times. Thank you for your funny cartoons.

    • Dan&Laurie Reimer

      We have 15 rescues! From 4lbs to 90. So we have a pet sitter that lives in while we are gone. And we board 2 or 3 at our wonderful vet’s. It’d be cheaper to rent a travel trailer but they don’t make one big enough 🙂 And we check in all the time!

  4. AmongTrees


  5. Love this cartoon ! I refuse to go w/BF on any trip if the fur babies can’t come END.OF.STORY. I tell him

  6. Kathy Farrell

    This is so true. The nightmares now happen while checking in on Airplanes both as cargo &/or passenger, from outside the US!!!

  7. laddieluv


  8. Deb, aka, Beagle Mama

    So true!! Our sweetie goes with us everywhere!!

  9. Gabrielle Peak

    Yowser, Bowser ! That is no place for my Beagle and me …….Boki had his 1st birthday on May 1,2019. He is our Baby Boy Beagle !

  10. Susan J Rodriguez

    LOL Yep I can’t leave my Three Pups as I’d rather spend time with them especially since I work and never get enough time with them! I take a day off to spend time with them although sometimes I feel I cramp their nap schedule LOL

  11. Christina Mccoy

    That is perfect!❤️❤️❤️

    • Lisa De Jesus

      Amen! I have four of them, and allegedly three of them were vicious breeds which is BS. So I never really have a vacation. They are my babies, my smallest is a 65 pounds LOL. My dream is to get acres of land and set up cabins where people can take however number of dogs they want regardless of the size of breed. ❤️❤️

  12. That’s why I get a place in Hyannis where Glenda Grey can go along!

  13. Love the dog’s tongue. It says it all rspberries to you. Funny how the dog supports it’s mama

  14. Michelle

    I don’t look forward to going on vacation when I can’t take my girls. Hannah a Chihuahua & Heidi a Pomeranian. Even if were staying in the nicest hotels. Without seeing their beautiful little faces, not being able to touch them and especially not being able to sleep with them creates a void of enjoyment in my vacation. I always look forward to getting back home.

  15. Carolyn

    Perfect…my pibbles and I could not care less about that diamond bracelent!

  16. Carolyn

    Good thinking, Dan&Laurie!

  17. Terri Fleming

    Reminds me of exactly what my daughter would say. I adore your cartoons.

  18. Rachelle Harms

    Missed it by a mile! No dog no me.

  19. James Edwards

    My 100-pound pit laid by my mother’s side as Mom died of brain cancer. Mom loved this vicious pit and the pit would not let anyone near Mom unless Mom or I said, “It’s ok Zorro”

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