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24 comments on “Vacation

  1. James Edwards

    My 100-pound pit laid by my mother’s side as Mom died of brain cancer. Mom loved this vicious pit and the pit would not let anyone near Mom unless Mom or I said, “It’s ok Zorro”

  2. Rachelle Harms

    Missed it by a mile! No dog no me.

  3. Terri Fleming

    Reminds me of exactly what my daughter would say. I adore your cartoons.

  4. Carolyn

    Good thinking, Dan&Laurie!

  5. Carolyn

    Perfect…my pibbles and I could not care less about that diamond bracelent!

  6. Michelle

    I don’t look forward to going on vacation when I can’t take my girls. Hannah a Chihuahua & Heidi a Pomeranian. Even if were staying in the nicest hotels. Without seeing their beautiful little faces, not being able to touch them and especially not being able to sleep with them creates a void of enjoyment in my vacation. I always look forward to getting back home.

  7. Love the dog’s tongue. It says it all rspberries to you. Funny how the dog supports it’s mama

  8. That’s why I get a place in Hyannis where Glenda Grey can go along!

  9. Christina Mccoy

    That is perfect!❤️❤️❤️

    • Lisa De Jesus

      Amen! I have four of them, and allegedly three of them were vicious breeds which is BS. So I never really have a vacation. They are my babies, my smallest is a 65 pounds LOL. My dream is to get acres of land and set up cabins where people can take however number of dogs they want regardless of the size of breed. ❤️❤️

  10. Susan J Rodriguez

    LOL Yep I can’t leave my Three Pups as I’d rather spend time with them especially since I work and never get enough time with them! I take a day off to spend time with them although sometimes I feel I cramp their nap schedule LOL

  11. Gabrielle Peak

    Yowser, Bowser ! That is no place for my Beagle and me …….Boki had his 1st birthday on May 1,2019. He is our Baby Boy Beagle !

  12. Deb, aka, Beagle Mama

    So true!! Our sweetie goes with us everywhere!!

  13. laddieluv


  14. Kathy Farrell

    This is so true. The nightmares now happen while checking in on Airplanes both as cargo &/or passenger, from outside the US!!!

  15. Love this cartoon ! I refuse to go w/BF on any trip if the fur babies can’t come END.OF.STORY. I tell him

  16. AmongTrees


  17. OMG!! I love it. Adorable. Made me smile. I would do the same. Went on two vacs without my dog and told my bfriend any other vacs, Romy (my crazy rat terrier) is coming along. The entire time while I was away I must have called the Vet where he was being boarded 100 times. Thank you for your funny cartoons.

    • Dan&Laurie Reimer

      We have 15 rescues! From 4lbs to 90. So we have a pet sitter that lives in while we are gone. And we board 2 or 3 at our wonderful vet’s. It’d be cheaper to rent a travel trailer but they don’t make one big enough 🙂 And we check in all the time!

  18. Sheri Ramirez

    Oh how very true…

  19. 😀 This was perfect!

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