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The Strange and Terrifying Thing

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8 comments on “The Strange and Terrifying Thing

  1. With every stretch from our Pit Bull, we get a mini fart – and he always looks back in surprise, like, what was that??? He’s convinced it’s one of us whose responsible, but we know the truth.

  2. Jenefer Berdar

    My Peanut does this, but then looks at me like I did it to her! Silly girl!

  3. too funny!
    we have a 9 yr old female pit and everytime she sits she farts and actually looks around. and they’re LOUD because her butt cheeks are against the floor. hahahah
    and our 5 yr crazy rat terrier farts and is scared. he runs away from his own butt only to realize its still there. even when he sleeps and farts he jumps and stares at his butt.
    thank you for sharing your cartoons. so much appreciated.

  4. HowlingHeidi

    That’s my Heidi. She is terrified when people pass gas. One time, I was lucky enough to be there when she herself farted. She jumped up and ran over to the other couch and looked at me as though I did it. I just about peed laughing at her expression of terror and indignation.

  5. AmongTrees

    I have a small mule that stretches like a dog and poots like that. He seems to think that I made the poot and looks at me in disgust.

  6. Sherry Boak

    Which just proves how smart our animal companions are!!

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