Best kind of support group ever—steadfast, loyal, excellent listeners and huggers. What’s your support group like?

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15 comments on “Support Group

  1. Dana Jones

    Best therapy there is!!

  2. This one is perfect. My friends are all going places, dinning out, and wonder why I don’t do the same. They say I need more friends. But why go any two Shelties and mini doxi are all I need. They make me go outside in cold weather to play endless ball. They sit next to me really close, their love is real. They know when Im down, they know when I get crazy. And they always know how to bring me back to earth-just cuddle up. What could ever be better.

  3. I just LOVE this one!!! I always love all the Red & Howlings, but this one really describes me….I choose my fur kids always!!!! I would totally rather be with them!!! They really are the most loving, loyal, fun, supportive…..absolutely THE BEST!!!

  4. Marde McCraine

    You are one of the best…love your artwork….hits home. 💖

  5. ABsolutely the best time of each day when I have my pups around me! When the outside world goes crazy, I long to be home with them! My human therapist even recommends getting a pup to certain patients as she realizes how good they are for the mind , body and soul! Love my girls! Cuddling with them is the best!

  6. Modern society would have carried me away in a straight jacket a long time ago if I didn’t have my therapeudic support group of cats and dogs. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without them.

  7. Last spring, I was on chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer. My loving chihuahua, Ginger, spent most of five months next to me, tucked in between my left arm and my body. My other animals were around, but Ginny claimed her place and still sleeps somewhere next to me. Dog Is Love!

  8. heading over to our local shelter for “dog walking” – a fantastic support group – the dogs are ALWAYS happy to see us – and the other walkers are so supportive !

  9. I live in southern Alberta, Canada. In fall we change our clocks back an hour and the day light get shorter as well. I’m so glad for my 3 girls. Their happy little faces make all the difference in how I feel. I would love to have as many dogs or more as the lady in the picture. Now that would be the Ultimate Medicine. But really, I’m very grateful for what I have.

  10. Sidney Bailey

    Absolutely perfect! Love cuddling with my support group, 2 beautiful tricolor Pembroke Welch Corgis! 🐘

  11. Looks like my support group is a little small – but it does the best job!

  12. As a retired Therapist, I can also attest that my Beagle Boy,is the world’s best therapy. He’s loyal, loves me unconditionally, sweet, cuddly and goofy as all get-out! Boki keeps me in stitches and laughter is great for the Soul !!

  13. This is for sure a top 10 for this year, Love it ❤️😍 Happy 2020 everyone!!

  14. The absolute best therapy there is. Nothing or nobody could ever make me feel as good as my dogs do. If it wasn’t for them I have no doubt at all that I wouldn’t be here. They save me daily!


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