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Together We Can Get Through Anything (GIF)


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13 comments on “Together We Can Get Through Anything (GIF)

  1. Aww love it 😍🥰

  2. Tumbleweed

    Love! Thanks for spreading positive vibes!

  3. Wonderful!

  4. This pair and I have been through some very dark times and because of them I’m still here. Love them to pieces and owe them my life.

    • Amy Luwis

      this drawing of your pups was/is perfect for spreading positivity during this tough time! Sending love your way! Kiss those angel babies for me! xo

      • They’ve just been to Crufts again, lots of treats and cuddles!

  5. AmongTrees


  6. Together we will make it and will handle it! #covid19 #lockdown #tuttoandràbene #iorestoacasa #stayathome

  7. Sidney Bailey

    You made my day! Thank you for reminding us we can indeed get through this! 🐕 🐘

  8. True!!!!!

  9. Lisa Montalvo

    Love my girl dog she’s my buddy thru thick and thin‼️

  10. Jo Bishop

    As always spot on!
    Without my pack I wouldn’t be here in many, many ways. They’ve seen me through the toughest times of my life and have been a part of the happiest times.
    #LifeSavers 🐶🐾💕

  11. Sooooo adorable ❣❣


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