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Social Distancing (GIF)

Be sure to share my Social Distancing GIF with non-compliers!

If you’ve not done this already, take out a tape measure and look at 6 feet. You will be baffled and amazed at how far apart it is!

Not sure how to use a GIF? Simply search @RedandHowling (or #redandhowling ) wherever GIFs are available (Instagram direct messages, Facebook comments and you can copy/paste directly from my Giphy page)!

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5 comments on “Social Distancing (GIF)

  1. I love all your work thank you

  2. This surely will get the point across. Well done!

  3. You always manage to come up with the cutest ideas to relevant topics. Love love love this one, as I do all your cartoons❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Love this one. Thank you! I’ve already shared it many times.

  5. This is wonderful Amy, you Rock!

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