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Choose Kindness (GIF)


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15 comments on “Choose Kindness (GIF)

  1. Yes thank you & let’s not forget kindness to all pets /animals 🐶🐱🐦🐰🐷🐸❤️

  2. Kellie Bebo

    Words We Should All Live By And Remember ❤️

  3. Laurie Hammeke

    I love the relevance of what’s going on in society, that you have put into your cartoons lately, BRAVO for you. Also excited about ordering the new cards you’ve added.

  4. Thank you so much for this lovely cartoon. Unfortunately, when I tried to share it, it took me to Giphy, and posted on Facebook, it just shares a link to Giphy cartoons, and didn’t post the actual cartoon (sigh)

  5. Gabrielle Peak

    I love this particular cartoon. It speaks to our higher selves/purposes and everyone’s need to set the example in re: unification in this troubled country as well as the world at large. Thank you so much, Amy!

  6. Shannon Hetz

    Thank you, thank you!! We all need this.

  7. Deborah

    Thank-you.❤️ We do have a choice!

  8. Michelle O

    I try not to watch TV very often because hatred is all they want to show. There are still a lot of good, kind, thoughtful and generous people out there but that’s not what will get the high ratings TV stations are concerned about.

    • Gabrielle Peak

      Michelle O ~ The awareness of the hatred must be increased as the exposure will lead us to a solution. It has already done so to some degree. The citizens have succeeded in getting the attention of our country and the world.

  9. Sidney Bailey

    This is absolutely prefect! Thank you 🐘

  10. Ann Danz

    Your artwork is always a breath of fresh air. Thank you!

  11. Aweee I love this. xoxo

  12. Stacy K9Luv

    Truly Beautiful!!!

  13. Megan Rymski

    LOVE this!!!!!! I would love to see this as something available to purchase.

  14. Barbara Johnson



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