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10 comments on “Birthdays

  1. Carmine Pescatore

    We celebrate birthdays on Jan 1st since everyone came grown up. Lately we celebrate adoption days.

  2. I. Have 4 rescues so we have many Birthdays.

  3. Susan Brown


  4. Carol Ferraro

    love this!

  5. Christina McCoy

    That is so funny and true!! We have streamers and hats and cake with candles and my poor husband might get a cookie for his birthday.(not really) but our fur babies get the royal treatment!!

  6. My loves are always a birthday celebration away. Love, Love your pics. You connect with our four legged family. And give meaning to why we as humans love them so much. Thank you.

  7. Karen Phillips

    Of course! She is all that matters!

  8. Very very true😊😊

  9. So true!!!! As it should be…😊👏🏼

  10. As an adopted we’re not sure when his birthday is, but it’s nearly a year since Stanley came to live with us. I expect there will be a few treats for him then.


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