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9 comments on “Stress Eating

  1. Jennifer Bernhard

    Thank you for your wonderful cartoons
    They are always funny and often touching
    Sorry you have trolls and haters
    I guess those with talent create
    and those without
    just hate

  2. I have one fur baby that imitates mom😬Thank you for your fun gorgeous art 🥰

  3. Michelle O

    I pray that this weight comes off this summer. Or I won’t have very many clothes to wear. I refuse to buy larger clothes because it feels like I’m giving in. I really hope my stubbornness pays off this time.

  4. I love your beautiful and touching artwork, it always makes me smile! Thank you for sharing it with us. 🐶😺💕😊

  5. Awww I just love them!!! ❤️🥰

  6. Billie Bruinsma Hunt


  7. Dawn Unger

    Love your art. Always brings a smile. ♥️🐾 Thank you.

  8. Lori J Sunderland

    Love it❤

  9. Gabrielle Peak

    Uh-oh, are the Pupsters picking up their Humans habits in quarantine times? This is so funny!


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