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36 comments on “Heaven

  1. Claudia K.

    Your quirky, beautiful and insightful drawings and captions make my heart so happy. Thank you for capturing the beauty and love of pets and please don’t stop drawing and making happiness!

  2. Michelle O

    Knowing I will see all my best friends (dogs, cats, birds, horses etc.) when I pass, doesn’t make death scary anymore. Just like Amy’s Heaven Print says, “All Animals Get In To Heaven” “It’s Just The People Who Don’t Always Get In”. What an amazingly joyful and loving time that will be when I get to meet, hold & hug them all again.

  3. Kristine

    I love this so! Especially since I’m an HR professional, hahaha! But I truly hope this is the case. My sweet pup Ollie is battling cancer and will gain his angel wings soon. I find comfort knowing we will see each other again…

  4. I was puzzled at first but at the end– THE BEST OF ENDINGS—and yes ’tissue’ please

  5. Helene S Friedman

    Well, needed a tissue for that one.

  6. I couldn’t wish for a better ending …how I hope that will come true ..yes made me cry ..but given me hope …Thank you

  7. This is the greatest!! I love your drawings & your wit is impeccable !! Keep them coming Amy!!!

    • I can’t wait to see all my black Chihuahuas named Desi. Brings tears to my eyes.

  8. AnneMarie

    You speak for us all. <3

  9. Karen Phillips

    Well, this one speaks my heart again…With out Que waiting on the other side, I wouldn’t want to go!

  10. sheila draughon

    Oh I just love this.

  11. Gabrielle Peak

    Oh, how wonderful! Happy reunions await us just as we dreamed it would be!! This cartoon speaks volumes to us all….thank you so much, Amy.

  12. Eugenia Kraemar

    So wonderful Love your art. You know animals and their owners. And the love that is shared between them.

  13. Mark Lynn

    The last frame, THAT is Heaven!

  14. Christina McCoy

    Oh my! Can’t wait to be with Our Lord and all my babies and family!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Wow. All teared up. Can’t wait to see all of my furbabirs again.🤗

  16. HeidiAnn

    I’ve only ever had one pup. She crossed at a ripe old age. I can hardly say her name out loud without choking on my words. This cartoon brought me tears of joy.
    Thank you.

  17. I can’t wait !! Everyday is a another day closer. Believe 🥰🐶🐾💕🐕

  18. Love this!

  19. Sharon Peterson

    Love this one! I can’t wait to see all my babies that went before me! Amy, I absolutely love your art and love sharing it with others!

  20. Sidney Bailey

    To see and be again with all the fuzzy face, wiggly ears, short or none or long tail, big or short dogs from Rusty the 1st to Deputy Fred and Sailor the last. And all my sharp clawed fuzzy kitties from Christmas Cat the 1st to Casper the last. That is definitely my idea of a wonderful place.. Sounds like something Will Rogers said! Heavenly, indeed to be again with my loving family of dogs and cats in my. Life.

  21. Denise Youse

    I am crying as the others are…I truly believe that is how it is, well our “fur animals’ part, we have to believe that…love you & your art ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  22. Maryann Luczak

    LOVE LOVE 💕 LOVE you certainly make what might be a sad circumstance into the happiest ever!!! I’m crying right now….happy crying! Thank you!

  23. Christina

    I would be happiest if the heavens would let me see all my fur angels that have past and my parents that died too young too.

  24. Awesome! Just Awesome!

  25. Kathleen Milward

    This is awesome. You know how to make the best of tough situations.

  26. I rescue the unwanted. There is going to be a stampede when I am called.

  27. I totally hope I do have all my fur babies and loved ones when I’m in heaven. Didn’t care much for the first part of the cartoon, but loved the second half. That probably the point, huh?

  28. Ann Danz

    We are really counting on this to be true. I would dearly love to be greeted by my Sheena, Froolie, Thor, Blazie Shelby and Buttons. Would make eternity worth looking forward to.

  29. Made me cry!

  30. Sharon Comrie

    I love this post, and I love all your work 💕💕❤️

  31. Barbara Johnson

    love this, gives me hope one day they will all greet me xx

  32. Mary McKheen

    I pray that when I get to heaven every dog I’ve ever loved is there to greet me. Hope you are well.

  33. Agreed!! ❤️💞🐶🐱🦜🐠🐥🐰🐭🐸🐷🐄🐎🐖🦆🐔
    I love your art Ms.Amy, that said , I hope you are well !!!! 💕💝🙏

  34. Here’s hoping! 😻❤️


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