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We try so hard…

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15 comments on “We try so hard…

  1. OMG…my husband and I both laughed out loud when we saw this! 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Yup our one eats like king and goes out and lick’s bird 🦅 poo

  3. Omgosh ! That’s my Hannah (Chihuahua) and me. I have 2 other girls (canines) as well. I had hoped that with peer pressure from her sisters telling her “Gross, disgusting & stop you’re embarrassing us! ” she’d quit. After 14 years I’ve given up hope but I still love her no matter what.

    • Hey Michelle, I was gifted a Chihuahua some 3 months ago. I had NO idea they were little monsters.
      She keeps biting my cat in the face and just won’t listen.
      Do you have a suggestion for me concerning a Chi?
      Thanks to anyone with any good suggestion.

  4. Hilda Shaw

    Thanks for the laughs

  5. Spot on!! LOVE YOUR CARTOONS. Illustrations are to die for xx

  6. Ha! Loved this!!

  7. So true and funny!!! Ugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Linda & Cookie Lu

    These cartoons are priceless! Many get me through the day, so enjoyable! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. One of my three eats poop. Will never forget taking them, the one and only time, to a dog park. One women there saw Lucy eating some poop, which of course as soon as I saw what was going on I addressed the situation with Lucy. But the look on the women’s face was one of ultimate HORROR!! As if she had never seen that before. I’ll never forget it. 😱

  10. Sidney Bailey

    One corgis is very picky about his food. The other corgi would eat anything & everything she can find! She apparently thinks that the cats litter box is for snacks! Love your wonderful drawings of real life! 🐈🐕

  11. Chris Gonzalez

    Omg so funny. Needed that laugh. Thank u

  12. Too true!! 🤣😜😆

  13. Christina McCoy

    Now that’s funny!!!

  14. Dawn Unger



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