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Foxtails are Lethal to Pets (GIF & video)

Help keep our dogs, cats, & other pets safe from lethal Foxtail grass. You can send people to this post, download and share my free poster, or share the GIF by searching “red and howling” on Facebook, Giphy or wherever GIFs are served🐶🥰!)

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1 comment on “Foxtails are Lethal to Pets (GIF & video)

  1. Thank you for this post about foxtails. Years ago, a bunch of us used to walk our dogs at a neighborhood park that had a track around a reservoir, but lots of foxtails. One year, we rented a weed-whacker and started to cut the foxtails before the tails appeared. A City representative showed up and stopped us, saying we were not authorized to do this. We explained that we were just trying to avoid harm to our dogs, but we were forced to pack up and leave.


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