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The Best Alarm Clocks… (GIF & video)

Say “Good Morning” with my new GIF! (Just search “red and howling” on Facebook, Giphy or wherever GIFs are served🐶🥰!)

Tired Good Morning GIF by Red and Howling - Find & Share on GIPHY

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5 comments on “The Best Alarm Clocks… (GIF & video)

  1. Rochelle

    My boy Rebel would sit on my chest in the morning, & I would open my eyes to his smiling face looking down on me. Though over the years as he grew heavier, i would wake up with the pressure of his weight. Now Rebel is 13, and can’t climb into bed, so I get onto the floor to snuggle with him. I miss those days…..

  2. The sweet truth , how it is & we love!

  3. Michelle O

    When I had my first dog on my own I’d adopted a female Pomeranian “Windy” She slept with me of course. If I didn’t start moving after the alarm went off she’d be walking on my chest and then come look me in the eye. “Get up Mom”. “You have to go to work so you can buy me everything I may want or desire”. I miss her so much.

  4. Roberta Limoli-Barufaldi

    Just so adorable..I have your calender for 2022, I will get my 2023 soon…

  5. Gabrielle Peak

    This gif is adorable!! Thank you for your cartoons as they bring a special kind of happiness. 💖


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