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A Jolly and Joyful Holiday!

I hope you’re having a fantastic holiday season and not stressing out too much. Remember to take some time to enjoy the things that really matter in life, like snuggling with pups and curling up with kitties!

PS. Don’t forget to turn the sound on, wonderful Christmas jingle by my hubby, and you can also find and share the GIF below from my Giphy page here!

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4 comments on “A Jolly and Joyful Holiday!

  1. Ms Andrée Mary Rowden

    Amy, so lovely to sign up again for your Newsletters. I’m Andrée in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. Sadly our cavoodle therapy dog
    Mr Darcy Clark went to 🌈 heaven July 2022. We miss him terribly but I found one of the beautiful fridge magnets I purchased a few years ago and gifted it to my daughter Amy who has dog, cats, chooks, ducks, and until recently fish. They live in the hills of Perth, Western Australia. She loves the magnet. We are miss Mr Darcy so very much. Love to you Amy from Red&Howling; I’m so happy to have found you again via Instagram. 🤗💚 🐾🐶💙

  2. AWWW thankyou Ms Amy & hubby. Love helps everything 🙂 Big hugs to all & the fur babies . Merry Christmas🎄🥰 & everything good ❤️

  3. Frances Conwell

    Love it !❤️😻

  4. Anne Smyth

    I love this cartoon – it really hits the nail on the head about what’s truly important at Christmas and always! 💗🎄⛄️😍


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