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It’s a Covert Operation

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11 comments on “It’s a Covert Operation

  1. Shannon K.

    As I sit here with my 3rd cup of coffee trying to stay awake –
    You have made me SNORT out my coffee from laughing.. 🤣
    You just Illistrated So Beautifully me last night …
    Amy You’re the Best – thanks for All the Smiles..

  2. Hahahahahaha! Love! Thanks for the great cartoon! You are the best, Red and Howling!

  3. Don W Hutchinson

    Love your site ,and cartoons!

  4. Whenever I get your newsletter, there is a smile in my face, not seldom tears in my eyes. Thank you for your open and loving paintings, sayings. Sending much love from Switzerland. Corinne with Jay

  5. Darlene Hnatyshyn

    Try sleeping with 2 greyhounds vying for the best spot on the bed, or running in their dreams 😆🙄🐾🐾 ❤️❤️

    • I hear that–I’m sleeping with 3 Boxers.
      I had to buy a king size bed to accommodate all of us 💕

  6. Pam Parker

    Oh my gosh! A replay of last night! (And every night.) Thanks for this, Amy! xoxoxo

  7. Christina McCoy

    That is my house every night! 😂😂😂

  8. Barbara Johnson

    Just wonderful 🐾🐾

  9. Gabrielle Peak

    Hilarious and adorable as always! 😄😅😂🤣💖💖💖

    • Jan Shive

      I thought you must have tip toed into my house when I had a dog and cats. It is so very true. I love it


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