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Do You Ever Wish…


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7 comments on “Do You Ever Wish…

  1. Alyson McNulty

    Yes. Having just lost my 2 Guinea Pig babies in Dec I wish anis had a longer lifespan!

  2. Jocelyn Brett

    Yes I do! The loss of a furry friend is heartbreaking and the unmitigated joy and love they bring is profound!

  3. Elizabeth


  4. Tracy Kiuchi

    I will never ever forget that perfect moment when my first baby puppers looked up at me and seemed to say, “you’re my mom and I know this is true!”

  5. Laurie Hammeke

    Absolutely!! Can you buy the last picture in a small print? I’ll look in your shop, too.

  6. Laurie Hammeke

    I still would LOVE to have that last picture as a single! I’d order it in a heart beat!

  7. Joleen Othick

    EVERY DAY!!!!

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