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The Best Antidepressants

Available as a Donation Print on my shop! 50% of the profits from this print go to the incredible Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, a 501c3, volunteer & foster based rescue helping animals in need by saving urgent, abused and at risk dogs from kill shelters.  Learn more here!

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8 comments on “The Best Antidepressants

  1. Georgia Copeland

    If you would add a cat or two to this precious family of “antidepressants ” you would have a lot more fans and customers!

    • Amy Luwis

      This is actually one of my top-selling prints :). I love kitties and include them in other pieces of art. Just because cats are not represented in this piece doesn’t mean they are excluded, rather it is a celebration of an individual species. All species matter and ALL can be antidepressants to us. And I am working on a kitty antidepressants drawing! xo

  2. Mad Murphy

    I let out such a whoop of joy seeing Murphy in this artwork and yes he is my antidepressant

  3. Michelle O

    If I didn’t have my 3 girls there wouldn’t be a point to waking up and getting dressed. I love them more than any person I’ve ever known. And cried more than any person when they passed away.

  4. AmongTrees

    Oh, thank you for using Miss Keezy on this beautiful print!

  5. Spot on! 🐶💝🐾💕

  6. Absolutely adorable ❣❣


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