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Dogs Rule!


10 comments on “Dogs Rule!

  1. Julie Cure

    love the two different color eyes and smirk – very cute

  2. Cynthia Petrashevich


  3. Wish all dogs could smile like that. <3

  4. Love it. I had a Sheltie once with one blue and one brown eye. Really cool as they gaze into your eyes. We humans don’t even have that. Dogs Rule is right!.

  5. Rebecca Schubart

    I had a Siberian Husky named Beasley he had to different colored eyes he was a beautiful dog I miss him.I love your cartoons!.

  6. Samthesuperdog

    YEEEEAAAAHHH! They do! His expression says it all – he’s AWESOME 😎

  7. Love!!

  8. I get that same look from my Matti

  9. My Sasha smiles like that

  10. Almost looks like my sister’s husky! So cute!

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