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Dogs Rule!


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10 comments on “Dogs Rule!

  1. Almost looks like my sister’s husky! So cute!

  2. My Sasha smiles like that

  3. I get that same look from my Matti

  4. Love!!

  5. Samthesuperdog

    YEEEEAAAAHHH! They do! His expression says it all – he’s AWESOME 😎

  6. Rebecca Schubart

    I had a Siberian Husky named Beasley he had to different colored eyes he was a beautiful dog I miss him.I love your cartoons!.

  7. Love it. I had a Sheltie once with one blue and one brown eye. Really cool as they gaze into your eyes. We humans don’t even have that. Dogs Rule is right!.

  8. Wish all dogs could smile like that. <3

  9. Cynthia Petrashevich


  10. Julie Cure

    love the two different color eyes and smirk – very cute

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