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My Dog: Effortlessly Fabulous

(cat version here)

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10 comments on “My Dog: Effortlessly Fabulous

  1. Tedde Lowry Best

    oops…meant to say “Wish the dog……

  2. Tedde Lowry Best

    Love this! The dog could be a cocker spaniel sometimes……:)

  3. LOL!! Love this!! Too cute, funny, and true!!

  4. That’s when I wish I was a dog.

  5. Love this one 😆

  6. Barbara Cannova

    This looks just like me and Petey in the morning!!! 🙂

  7. Oh yeah….so true

  8. Jennifer Bechtel

    Exactly 😂

  9. Crazy good!

  10. Cynthia Petrashevich

    Oh how true! Love this! 😍

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