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The Guilt Trip


What do your fur babies do when you are about to leave?  What things do you do that make it easier and less painful to walk out the door?

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12 comments on “The Guilt Trip

  1. We turn on one of their favorite people tv shows. Usually animal planet.

  2. Owned by Bassets

    All my husband has to do is just touch his walking shoes and we have the Basset Hound trio singing their walking song, if we’re not going to a dog-friendly place to walk. He tried sneaking his shoes out of the house but the clever girls soon figured that out. So now I throw small sized Milk Bones around and bolt out the door.

  3. HowlingHeidi

    I usually take my little Pom Heidi with me when I go out. She gets so excited when she sees me get my purse and keys. When I can’t take her, as soon as I say “Sorry Heidi” “I can’t take you with me.” her little happy face and tail drops. Then she slowly walks over to her bed to lay down to look at me with the most disappointed and sorrowful face there can be. Absolutely no one but her can make me feel so bad as she does.

  4. Deborah A Kipp

    Turns his back to me. Then turn around with wet eyes. Make s me feel so guilty

  5. Doesn’t matter where I go, he still looks at me with massive big eyes like I will disappear…but he usually sleeps during the time I am away 🙂

  6. Sue Rabone

    Both of our dogs get large chewies as we pull out of garage. We also tell them to “Guard thehouse for us!” 🐾

  7. Christina McCoy

    Stare at me with their head hanging down and sad eyes. The only thing I can do is tell them I’ll be back and give them a big kiss. I hate leaving!😞

  8. I used to throw kibble around so they didn’t watch me leave for work. The best thing about retirement is not having to leave the dogs for hours. They still get their breakfast scattered around the floor though – make them work for it.

  9. Big eyes. Sorrowful face …. they’re so damn good at it

  10. Rest their head on the windowsill looking sad as I back out the driveway.

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