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Just Right

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25 comments on “Just Right

  1. This is so stinking cute and true! I love getting these in my email inbox and look forward to them as they brighten my day!!! They are very true to the nature of each one of us and our pups and they tug on my heartstrings!! 😊 Thank you ☺️

  2. Katalin H Heymann

    My Kissy does all but the last part. Once she’s messed them up to her liking, she proceeds to mess up my blanket. Then she looks at me to straighten my blanket and then falls asleep on it. She only moves to her blanket after I straighten it and make her move. She then puts her little head on her pillow, looks at me, wags her tail and finally curls up to fall asleep. She just melts my heart.💕

  3. My little Chihuahua “Hannah” likes to be under the blankets. She’ll get underneath and tries to get the blankets just right. When she can’t get the blanket in the right way she starts growling. If I try to help her she looks at me like “I can do this Mom don’t help me.” “You’re embarrassing me in front on the other dogs”.

  4. Linda Becker

    This Is my hospice foster doggie, Doris! Very cute cartoon!

  5. Had my niece’s beagle visiting yesterday and we were cleaning up, decuttering and folding a pile of king sized blankets and quilts. This was one very soft microfiber teal colored blanket that became the one of the objects of this very comic and very enjoyable piece. Thank you for the smiles and for the excellent timing of capturing the moment for me (again).

  6. Lisa Castelan-Svette

    So so true.. love it 💕

  7. Christina McCoy

    Absolutely true!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Mimi Mineau

    So true!! ❤️ Your artwork!! Thank you

  9. Yup! One of my dogs is a bit of a clown and insists in getting under his and “hiding” then running through the house as a ghost. Never ceases to crack me up.

  10. Oh that is so true.♥️

  11. Ann Althouse-Head

    Absolutely true in my house ♡

  12. So right on!!!

  13. Rachel saxton

    Gorgeous 😍

  14. Love All
    Your Cartoons , Make my Day when I
    See Them In My Inbox ❤️💕🐈❤️🐶💕🐗❤️🐷💕🐢💕❤️🐕‍🦺❤️🐥❤️🐰❤️🐱❤️🦊❤️🐨❤️Do you think you could make one with piggies in it Again??
    Their So Sweet & Special ❤️🐷❤️🐈🐗🐶😘❤️🐰❤️ Thank You For Making Me Smile 😊

  15. Thank you! These little rays of sunshine in my inbox make my day! xoxM 🤗

  16. Exactly!

  17. My house! Dachshunds love to burrow❤️

  18. rita jordan-keller

    So perfectly true!❤️🐾

  19. Precious Pupster thanks his/her Human for clean laundry!! Ultra sweet…..

  20. To funny! Those are my babies to a T!😍

  21. Looks like my Sailor and Deputy Fred! My granddog Stormy has to be covered in her blanket so she can then arrange it right!

  22. Dana Jones

    Every single night!!

  23. Barbara Johnson

    So true xxxx🐾🐾🐾

  24. I literally just did this and got the same result !! 😫😍😃

  25. Pam Liljenquist

    Adorable! And so true! ❤️🐶❤️

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