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Me & my Dog are Identical Twins

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20 comments on “Me & my Dog are Identical Twins

  1. Meredith Koehler

    Peanut and I couldn’t be more alike if we were from the same litter. Thank you for putting it out there for all the world to understand! Meredith Koehler

  2. Ann-Eve Hazen

    Thank you Dear Amy for tour loving and joyful cartoons. Does your dog bark at bunnies through the window? My Ruby does but I don’t.

  3. I love the cartoon but could you please please change it to say My Dog and I. I am constantly correcting my grandchildrens’ English . I love all of your artwork and I send your link to all of my dog loving friends! Thanks!

  4. Terri Fleming

    Almost everyone of these things were true about me and Coco. So cute!

  5. Super cute! Tbh I trust my dog more than people 🐕🙏

  6. Gabrielle D. Peak

    This is simply adorable! It describes my relationship with my darling Beagle and the world.

  7. Debbie Kipp

    Love it.

  8. Love this! So true! Any chance you will make notecards with this on them?

  9. Tania M

    Hi Amy. You ALWAYS get the wording and art just right!!!! 😊 I Love your work,I’m a fan fur ever!!! 😊💙🐾

  10. Deb LOVELAND

    I called my last dog my “daughter-twin” because we had so many things in common like family/friends do when they’ve been together for so long. Thanks for this art that honors that bond. 🙂

  11. Ann R Althouse Head

    Absolutely perfect! 😁

  12. Nina Patrick

    This is sooo me. Thanks for making me laugh.

  13. laddieluv

    .. always..
    you *nailed it*..

  14. Deborah

    Nailed it!❤️

  15. Alison Fleury

    How do you know me so well! 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Roberta Limoli

    Thank you

  17. I feel called out 🤣😍

  18. SOOO PERFECT!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  19. Absolutely true and ADORABLE 😁😁❣❣

  20. Barbara Johnson

    Feel this is about me and my dogs xxxxxx


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