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7 comments on “You’re Perfect

  1. My cat Mimzy has been with me 10 months now. She was a barn cat I rescued when her owners were done with her. She’s a faithful companion and my life is better because I have her. Thank you for your wonderful talent and sense of humor!!

  2. Deborah A Kipp

    Unconditional love for us. Perfect!!!!

  3. Sidney Bailey

    Think my 2 corgis think so! They keep me supplied with kisses art art’s. And my rescue kitty
    .loves me each morning& lets me give him a kiss on his forehead! Thank you again for your great creations

  4. Gabrielle Peak

    This particular cartoon reflects our furbabies capacity for never ending unconditional LOVE!!

  5. JUST what i needed for today!

  6. Emily J Walton

    I love all of your cartoons! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent…

  7. THIS CARTOON /DRAWING IS PERFECT!!! Needed it – Thank you for shining love on us Ms.Amy 😃💞🥰👍❤️


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