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Right into you Soul

June is “Adopt a shelter cat month”! Please share your adopted kitty stories! Cats are magnificent, extraordinary, and steadfast friends who enrich our lives exponentially.

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6 comments on “Right into you Soul

  1. We’re adopted Jimmy 4 month ago from the shelter. He is red and he is looking like the cat on the cartoon ….and me too. He’s really wunderful. It was realy love on the first side from me and him. Since then we are inseparable. We do nearly all things together. It’s fantastic! ❤️

  2. Sharon Arger

    So cute

  3. Aww… 🥰🤗💞

    • Sidney Bailey

      Adopted Casper from Galveston humane shelter in 2012. A shelter in Texas City had taken in stray/ unwanted cats. Apparently every per left on vacation (?) . Police broke in & found room with like 200 cats..some died. No water. No food for possibly 2 weeks.. Survivors were sent to other reliable shelters. After the struggle to put the wild frightened cat in my carrier I brought him home to live with my happy shelter cat Mojoe..For the 1st month he only appeared at night from under my bed. I could see him come out so knew he was getting food,water & potty. Slowly started coming out in the day. After 6 months he would let me touch his nose. Has been slow progress but here we still are 9 years later. Casper loves to be rubbed & petted. Will cuddle in my lap.I can kids his forehead good morning. Am not allowed (by his choice) to pick him up. Disappears if anybody else comes in bouse. Few people have seen him. Have no idea how old he is. But Casper is happy now with my 2 corgis and me..plenty of food ,water, & clean litter…

      • Andrew Gouldstone

        Sidney I read your comment about ten times, and went through about 5 really strong emotions, the last one being joy. Thank you for being you and telling your story.

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