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Let’s Do Something Special

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11 comments on “Let’s Do Something Special

  1. Sarah Ercolani

    Today is my birthday! What a great cartoon to read, you gave me a fun gift with reading your cartoon – thank you!

  2. Love this week;s cartoon. Thanks for posting.

  3. I spat out my coffee w this one !!😆🤣😆
    I would love to know when they think it’s my birthday- Im a hundred already w my 2 boy dogs!! 😜🙃🥳😁

  4. Shannon K.

    Yep- I get gifts NOT even on my
    B-Day. My 2 dogs are Always getting into something & my kitty boy loves bringing me dead lizards (without their tails) of course. 😉

  5. Gabrielle Peak

    Our sweet fur friends do love to please us….each in their own little way! I love how incredulous the savvy kitty looked at the pupster in the last frame!

  6. Meaghan Foley

    Since tomorrow *is* my birthday, I feel like this is similar to what my fur babies are thinking lol

  7. H.J. Hill

    Hilarious! And so true!


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