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4 comments on “Be Kind

  1. Kimberly Seguin

    Love your cartoons! Every one makes me either laugh out loud, or simply smile (for the sweet, touching ones). I wish I had the same talent. My rescues are such characters…I could fill a book! Thank you for sharing the love.

  2. Hi. I remember another “Be Kind” poster with a little girl in it. I absolutely loved it. Can’t seem to find it here.

    • Hi! I did a cartoon with a little girl saying “I want to Save all the Animals”. It is under “Compassion and Education” here on my website. Is that the one? If not, I also did a cartoon with a girl saying “Be Kind to all the Animals”…that is also under “Compassion and Education”. xoAmy

  3. lydia wilson

    Your cartoons make me happy!

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