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4 comments on “Be Kind

  1. lydia wilson

    Your cartoons make me happy!

  2. Hi. I remember another “Be Kind” poster with a little girl in it. I absolutely loved it. Can’t seem to find it here.

    • Hi! I did a cartoon with a little girl saying “I want to Save all the Animals”. It is under “Compassion and Education” here on my website. Is that the one? If not, I also did a cartoon with a girl saying “Be Kind to all the Animals”…that is also under “Compassion and Education”. xoAmy

  3. Kimberly Seguin

    Love your cartoons! Every one makes me either laugh out loud, or simply smile (for the sweet, touching ones). I wish I had the same talent. My rescues are such characters…I could fill a book! Thank you for sharing the love.

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