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Working On My To Do List


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7 comments on “Working On My To Do List

  1. This is so me and my greyhound Ginger! She always got on top of me on the couch and we’d both drift into a deep sleep, all the better to contemplate our “to do lists” lol. Sadly she is now awaiting our next snuggling at the Rainbow Bridge! 🌈 Miss her so. Best couch buddy ever. 🐾🐾💕

  2. Lisa Williams

    Brilliant! My sweet Lillie always curls up on my tummy when I settle in for a nap. It is pure bliss to drift off snuggling with my precious girl. Thanks Amy, for always capturing the many ways our pets make life better.

  3. This is definitely me and Pache – he’s even got very similar markings 🙂

  4. Maria Rodriguez

    😊love it

  5. Love it! My pom always snuggles on top of me when I lay down!

  6. Yup, my 14 yr old rescue Shitzu Whiskers (adopted 2 yrs ago). My poodle Bollinger gives Whix his opportunity, coz he realised he has more time to enjoy it – a beautiful, sensitive boy!

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