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Me at a party


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6 comments on “Me at a party

  1. jonna skehan

    only been there 10,000X. love the eyes filling with tears. hahaha

  2. Christina McCoy

    I love that baby calling to his mama! That’s me all over!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. This is SO ME!!!!!!!! LOL I just LOVE these cartoons….they really describe me!!!

  4. June E. Hulit

    This is both my husband and me….LOL. The only “parties” we go to our parties thrown by “dog people”…they understand when we say, “We have to get home to our dogs”. Our dogs are a home-entertainment center to us. Their antics amuse us.

  5. Jocelyn Brett

    That applies to us too June! And we only go on holidays if we can find somewhere that is pet friendly💖

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