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Happy Year of the Dog! (video)

Dog lovers rejoice!  2018 is Year of the Dog!  (I’m going to be working on a lot more videos this year, so please subscribe to my YouTube channel)

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5 comments on “Happy Year of the Dog! (video)

  1. I LOVE this! My two are both silly, little rescues – one is black and the other one is fuzzy! Also agree with Tassilo’s comment.

  2. thank you, cute and loving as usual. heals a bit the wounds that all the terrible fb posts of cruelty leave.

  3. Laurie Hammeke

    I LOVE it!!!!! So happy! So fun! And SO true! Thank you so much for bringing us so much joy with your art of dogs, and other animals! I just really love your work!

  4. I just love this so much! I’ve had every one of those dogs. Hope some day you’ll have t-shirts too! 💖

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