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People vs. Animals


…I’ve never gotten over Old Yeller or Charlotte

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9 comments on “People vs. Animals

  1. … or Bambi and Dumbo. 😢

    • eulalia mesa

      Or Lion King 😥

    • kathyg92256

      Bambi for me as well. My mom took me when I was maybe 4 or 5. I was too hysterical. Never did see the rest of the movie.

  2. Michelle

    This is an old book about a boy and his dog. “Where the Red Fern Grows”. I read it when I was a young girl. Even though I can’t remember all of it I do remember how I cried when the dog died. A really good story about the love a boy has for his dog.

    • Oh my gosh – I still remember that book in 3rd grade! And I still cry when I think about it. Why would a teacher require 3rd graders to read such a sad book? Then there’s Black Beauty — just as bad, but at least it has a pretty good ending.

      • I can’t remember the story very well anymore. Something like, he saved up to buy this dog, they had good times and then the dog dies. It was a good story. But I still can’t go back and read it again. It hurt too much and it will just remind me of all the dogs that I’ve had and have passed through the years. We never, never have enough time with them. When they get old they’re so wise about you. And know you better than you do yourself. That’s when I especially wish I would have them for many more years to come.

  3. Marley and Me. 😢

  4. Jonna Skehan

    The Yearling. Oy😕

  5. Becky Monteith

    “My Dog Skip”. Dog movies need warning labels. This one broke my heart.

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