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People vs. Animals


…I’ve never gotten over Old Yeller or Charlotte

8 comments on “People vs. Animals

  1. … or Bambi and Dumbo. 😢

    • eulalia mesa

      Or Lion King 😥

    • kathyg92256

      Bambi for me as well. My mom took me when I was maybe 4 or 5. I was too hysterical. Never did see the rest of the movie.

  2. Michelle

    This is an old book about a boy and his dog. “Where the Red Fern Grows”. I read it when I was a young girl. Even though I can’t remember all of it I do remember how I cried when the dog died. A really good story about the love a boy has for his dog.

    • Oh my gosh – I still remember that book in 3rd grade! And I still cry when I think about it. Why would a teacher require 3rd graders to read such a sad book? Then there’s Black Beauty — just as bad, but at least it has a pretty good ending.

  3. Marley and Me. 😢

  4. Jonna Skehan

    The Yearling. Oy😕

  5. Becky Monteith

    “My Dog Skip”. Dog movies need warning labels. This one broke my heart.

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