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Where Love Is


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30 comments on “Where Love Is

  1. Ann Althouse-Head

    So true♡

  2. Nancy Rosengren

    Dogs truly are the most potent anti-depressants in all creation. 😁🐕💖

  3. AmongTrees

    I love this!

  4. Sandra Carr


  5. Diana Fulmer

    So sweet and so very true! Dogs are wonderful!

  6. Denise L Clemente

    I love this. It is true every time. 🙂

  7. Julia Edgerton

    Love this !! It’s oh so true !

  8. Sandra R.


  9. Susan Rodriguez


  10. Beautiful and so true. Animals can bring you up from the blues in no time, be it cat, dog, bunny, cow, pig, goat…

  11. Cheryl Breen

    LOVE this one!

  12. They share the most simple and pure form of love

  13. Wonderful! Please excuse me, I have to go pet my dog now.

  14. Excellent!

  15. Perfect, they fix us every time!

  16. Totally wonderful. <3 <3

  17. So sweet and so very true! Love this.

  18. Luizella Giardino Barbosa Branco

    Lovely cartoon! I identified myself so much with this.

  19. Denise Gadsby

    I so needed to see this today. It made my heart feel whole.

  20. YES!!!! Just like that.

  21. This says it all!!!

  22. My daughter Anastasia and her Delilah💖

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  24. I wake up and go to sleep with my dogs. There’s a saying that dogs are part of our lives but to them we are their life. Not for me. Without them my life would be pointless.

  25. So true ☺

  26. Liz Chase

    So perfect! I love the way her color changes from blue to sunny yellow to golden! Our dogs are like pure gold to us and worth so much more 🏵🏅💰💰🐾🥰🐾 Mine brighten even the darkest gloomiest day ☀️

  27. Jessica Magnuson

    Lovely comments i agree with them all and i love the color change too

  28. So very true! And as he wags his tail and rubs his nose, blue fade away! 🙂

  29. I felt the sorrow. I felt the joy. I felt the love. Thanks for the art.

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