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9 comments on “True Love (gif)

  1. Christina


  2. Michelle O

    Who else will love you unconditionally for their entire life than an animal ? I’ve never had that from a person or even family. In return animals ask for so little but to be loved and cared for, the basics of life.

  3. eileen cornwall

    gives me warm fuzzies on the inside

  4. The love is tremendous ❤️Thank you for sharing your talent!!!❤️

  5. They will love you no matter what and we need to reciprocate those same feelings to them. It is our duty. Thank you for showing people the true side of animals with your cartoons.

  6. Red and Howling presents the most adorable truths about relationships between animals and their humans ! I’m sharing cartoons and T-shirts of “Red & Howling” with my loved ones.They are as delighted as I am !!

  7. Kathy Bates

    Priceless, love it!! We always had a combination of cat, dog, bird “children” growing up with our human children. So perfect! 😘😍

  8. Margaret Maguire

    Oh my goodness this looks like our Zoey dog who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in April. 💕💕

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