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14 comments on “Worry Worry Worry

  1. Kim Jones-Stein

    LOVE IT!

  2. Sidney Bailey

    Best remedy and least expensive therapy for stress and worry. Not much better than cuddling with my corgis! thank you

  3. Gabrielle Peak

    Nothing soothes me better than my Beagle Boy’s snuggles, kisses and unconditional love.

  4. Peggy V Hinson

    Please hurry back, we need you.

  5. Christina Bass

    This is perfect in so many ways.

  6. My dog just makes me feel good nothing political about it.

  7. Katalin H Heymann

    My dog had partial training to help with my anxiety disorder & diabetes. The training wasn’t completed because I lost my job, ran out of money & became homeless. She still helps with panic attacks, the diabetes is under control, but she’s lost a lot of the later training because I wasn’t able to reinforce it due the homeless situation.

  8. So true, my owner trained assistance dog for mental health does just this providing deep pressure therapy. Great illustration as ever x

  9. No more worries here!

  10. Barb Workman`

    This is me with this President !

  11. Linda Ballenger

    So true !

  12. Kitty Lebens

    Right on target!

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