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Clean Fresh Sheets

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15 comments on “Clean Fresh Sheets

  1. Couldn’t ask for anything better

  2. Kendra Furgason

    Your work is lovely, sweet, peaceful, joyful…..medicine for the times♥️ Thank you😊

  3. Reminds me of my darling Tapsi who slept with me each night, cuddled next to me.

    My current doggie prefers to sleep by herself, sadly.

  4. Betsy Ann Scott

    This is wonderful! I changed the sheets on Tuesday night. On Wednesday afternoon I had the door open (I live in a one room cottage and the bed is just a few feet inside the door). I was working at my computer and Oliver was running in and out, playing in the leaves. He ran in and jumped on the bed and suddenly I smelled it…the unmistakable scent of poo. Sure enough. He had brought in a poo covered leaf on his paw and spread it all over the clean sheets. *sigh* Good thing he is so darn cute!!

  5. I love how adorably done this is 💕

  6. This is so adorably done 💕

  7. Aww…I try to to not think but I love how happy they roll in fresh sheets so I just wash bedding every other day 😍🐶

  8. Michelle O

    I feel so much better when my dogs sleep with me. Especially now that it’s getting colder the one is like a hot water bottle. The sheets, covers, dogs and ourselves are all washable so what does a little dirt matter in the long run. Right ?

  9. OMG LOL Spot on❣❣ So much love for my mutts; I’ve grown immune to the aroma 💞 After all, it’s their bed, they just let me sleep on it 😉

  10. Gillian Floyd

    Fantastic just the way it should be lol💕🐾

  11. Christina McCoy

    Love it!❤️❤️❤️

  12. Gabrielle Peak

    Since Beagles have been part of my family life furr-ever, I decided that Boki would have his OWN bed. We snuggle, cuddle and nap together on the sofa though. Eau de Beagle is an intoxicating aroma!!

  13. Cynthia Petrashevich

    The best sheet fragrance! 💕

  14. Arleen J Rutten

    perfect truth..

  15. Sidney Bailey.

    Absolutely on spot! Both of my corgis love to wallow and sleep on my bed (leave a little room for me). Thank goodness for Lysol spray and febreze so I can spray the top blanket! 🐘😷


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