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20 comments on “No Dogs?

  1. I LOVE this since I’ve been the unfortunate recipient of doggie breath from what you have depicted. I am so glad you are back and looking forward to add to my collection of your wonderful art! ❤

  2. gracias por una caricatura mas

  3. Linda M. Shahan

    So happy to see you again!!!!!! Missed you!!! Hope all is well. 🙂

  4. So lovely

  5. Katalin Heymann

    My daughter had a sign that in her town house that stated “Dogs allowed, but children must be leashed at all times”. She was single and has a quirky sense of humor. This cartoon reminded me of her 15 years ago.

  6. I love this cartoon! and am so glad you are back. I miss your posts, etc. Would love to see No Humans without Dogs as a picture so I can post in my home and office 🙂

  7. Gabrielle Peak

    Yay, you have returned! Also, Hip-Hip-Hooray for Dog Loving Businesses!!

  8. Kimberlee Jones


  9. Fulmer, Diana

    So great to have you back!! We’ve all missed you!!

  10. Candice Naiditch

    So happy to see you back! Looking forward to all the new, wonderful gifts and cartoons❤️ Your beautiful magnets gave me great comfort when I lost my sweet Zoey in May💔💔💔. I’m glad I had bought extras because I was able to put together a little Red and Howling thank you bag for her doctor and nurse.
    Thank you for creating such meaningful and heartfelt treasures. They are a daily reminder of how much we love and cherish our sweet animals, and your whimsical art brings it close to my heart and always makes me smile!

  11. So glad you’re back!

  12. Ann Vanderlaan

    Great to see you back

  13. Cindi Morrison

    One of your best cartoons EVER!!!!! So excited you’re back and can’t wait to order my 2022 wall calendar!!!!!

  14. So happy you are back, my pups and I issued you.

  15. Nice to see you back Amy. Missed you and your cartoons!

  16. Love the new cartoon! 💙 And it’s wonderful to have you back spreading joy, peace, and love. 💙🐾

  17. Carmine Pescatore

    Welcome back!

  18. this so much..
    ♥♥.. happy you’re back..

  19. Anne Smyth

    Love this! 💕

  20. Oh YAY!!! ❤️ It!!! Great to “see ” you again Ms.Amy too !! 👍🥳🌸🥰


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