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14 comments on “Feelings

  1. Cynthia S Hall

    I love your cartoons they are full of life’s lessons and wisdom. I believe that our animals know what we are feeling and thinking. I love my animals unconditionally. My best to you and your family.

  2. Patricia Buckley

    I just love your calendars
    So true and one is left with warm and fuzzy feelings ❤️

  3. Linda E Malin

    My little fluffybutt, Edward, approves this message

  4. You definitely express our inner thoughts in a super fun and creative way! Thanks for sharing 💜😁

  5. Sue Angel

    I love, this cartoon. It expresses the exact sentiments of my love for my fur babies and theirs for me. Thank you for being able to show the proper order of priorities!
    I look forward to your emails like the start of a happy new day!!
    🐾🥰to you Amy!
    Sue A

  6. I love absolutely everything you do. Keep it coming. It never fails to make me smile, inside and out .

    • Love your snap shots into every day life with my FurBaby. We enjoy every minute. You make me smile and lift my heart. 🐾❤️

  7. This cartoon is one of my very favs. Even better on my big desktop screen! Thank you Amy!

  8. Suzanne M. B. Hayden

    I LOVE this cartoon. Except I would put a totally confused look on the guy with a thought bubble that says – feelings? What are those? While the doggies completely understand.

  9. Charlotte Craig

    Haha! Add two dogs and you’ve nailed my place! Your art and words always seem to hit the nail on the head!❤️

  10. I ALWAYS look forward to your work! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Thank you for being you!!🥰

  11. Ann-Eve Hazen

    You are the best! I always appreciate your humor. My five pound Yorkie, Ruby, thinks anything that goes in my mouth is what she wants—even lettuce. She goes for it!

  12. Shannon K.

    Oh Lord – LOL
    My Loki & Brie have SO many nicknames – Two being “Hoover” & “Miss Piggy” So this Definitely hits Home… 😅

  13. Karyn Blue

    Oh I love this. LOL! Reminds me of my house.


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